Welcome to the Entrenue API help portal! These pages contain documentation and sample calls for the Entrenue wholesale fulfillment API. Click the links in the header to get more information about the products and orders methods of the API. If you need assistance, or to report a bug, please contact us at
The Entrenue API follows the REST specification and all calls are made using GET or POST requests to the specified endpoints. See here for more information about REST: Wikipedia.

All calls can be made by using cURL or the HTTP tools which come with any standard web programming language. For the purposes of the documentation, we will be showing calls made using cURL on the command line, but you can make the same calls using PHP, Java, Ruby, etc. More information about cURL can be found here: Wikipedia.
API response data can be returned in JSON or XML format by specifying "Content-Type: application/json" or "Content-Type: application/xml" in the header. If no content type is specified, the default format is JSON. For POST requests, the incoming content will be parsed depending on the Content-Type header, and also defaults to JSON.
Your Entrenue email and API key are used to access the Entrenue API. To find your API key, visit My Account->API Information on the Entrenue website, or visit this link: API Information.